Mountain to Valley race

מירוץ שליחים הר לעמק

Natural Ways escorts international Mountain to Valley participants and any accompanying persons throughout their entire stay in Israel, from the moment you land until it's time for your flight back home.


Natural Ways will custom build the perfect package for an enjoyable and hassle-free experience throughout your entire stay in Israel, or alternatively, you may pick and choose individual services you require to ensure your visit in Israel is perfect in every way.

Our services include

Airport pick up.
Pre-race accomodations in a kibbutz in northern Israel.
Excursions in the Galilee, Tiberius, Nazareth and other sites of interest in the region (as time permits).
Transportation to the relay race starting line and from each exchange station to the next.
Transportation of personal belongings during the entire race, ensuring their availability at all times. 
Light meels between the race segments.
Hot/cold beverages throughout the entire race.
Personal tents for resting between race segments.
Hot field shower.
Resting areas at exchange stations.
Transportation back to your accomodations at the end of the race.
Transportation to the airport for your return flight.
Any other assistance required or desired.

We recomend that you contact us as soon as posible, so that we may begin to put togheter the perfect package to suit your individual needs.


For more details, please contact us

Erez Ganescu

Tel: +972-52-2826217